Big fish, new docks at Wallowa Lake (2010)

Big fish alert! Anyone who knows the area and camps at Wallowa Lake State Park is probably pretty excited these days.

A new Oregon kokanee fishing record, and possibly an American record, was set there last month by an Enterprise resident, who hooked a specimen weighing 8.23 pounds. The kokanee was 26.25 inches long and had a girth of 16 inches (see photo and more information). Less than a month before, an angler from nearby Joseph had claimed the record by catching a 7-pound, 8-pounce kokanee measuring 25 inches long.

Some good news also has surfaced for boaters. By the end of this month, the park will have 460 feet of new floating docks in the water. Financed by Go Oregon! economic stimulus dollars, the new wooden docks are six feet wide with recycled plastic decking. They were produced by Wellems Farwell, Inc., a contractor from nearby Enterprise.

The marina improvement, which cost $108,500, includes a new aluminum gangway with railings, making it safer to get to the docks and head out after that big one.

Wallowa Lake State Park
Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Wallowa Lake

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  1. Great that they have made improvements to the gangplank, but I hope the problem does not remain with the park not providing tags to mark the boat slips that have been prepaid and reserved. Last year I lost an entire morning because someone parked their boat in my prepaid reserved slip. I didn’t want to do the same thing to someone else, so I had to wait about 3 hours for the jerk to show up to move his boat. Prineville Reservoir State Park has a better system. They have clips at each boat slip, and they give you a bright yellow tag that shows that your slip is reserved. Wallowa should do the same! It is such a fantastic place to visit.

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