Ranger’s Pick–Prineville Star Party, May 15 (2010)

Gather under the stars at one of Oregon’s darkest night sky locations

Park Ranger Paul Patton

Park Ranger Paul Patton is the interpretive coordinator for all eastern Oregon state parks, and he has a special reason for suggesting this Ranger’s Pick. He is the park go-to-guy for the annual Prineville Star Party, having helped coordinate the party for many years. “Thanks to our professional astronomers’ enthusiasm and willingness to share their knowledge, the star party is a great event for novices of all ages to learn about the night sky,” he says.

Although the “star attraction” doesn’t begin until 9:30 p.m., the day is full of down-to-earth activities, as well as those focused on the stars and planets. Learn about:

  • The extraordinary size and distance of objects in space;
  • The fundamental, two-dimensional nature of stellar and planetary orbits;
  • Meteorites and what we can learn from them;
  • Potential life-supporting planets in the galaxy, and
  • An introduction to stargazing equipment.

Be sure to join park rangers for earth-based kayak tours and high desert hikes.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) aerospace education specialist Tony Leavitt will give an evening update on the United State’s ongoing exploration of the solar system. Earlier in the evening, he will help young space enthusiasts design, build and launch their own rockets.

Exhibits include an “Earth-time/Space-time” display from the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.

Star Party flyer & event schedule
Prineville Reservoir State Park

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