Nehalem Bay State Park–a place to play (2010)

New playground stuff for kids & a new exercise corral for horses

Whether your children want to play on traditional playground equipment or are ready for more challenging fun, Nehalem Bay has it.

Updated playground equipment gives the play area in “B” loop a new look. Younger kids can play on a structure with bridges and four slides, a bouncing “snail” and a bouncy “grasshopper.”

A brand new playground in the”E” loop filled with parallel bars, chin-up bars and a revolving pogo stick is ready for the older set. The new playground could be described as a gymnastics-style obstacle course. Planning is under way to expand the area to become a fitness complex.

A new exercise corral for horses is next to the day-use parking lot. Park staff, with the help of Oregon Equestrian Trail members, built the 60-by-150-foot corral for horses to frolic. The new corral is at the trailhead of a 2-mile ride on the sand spit separating the ocean and the bay. Short trails separate it from the park’s 17-site horse camp and Oregon Beach Rides, Inc., a guided horse riding business operating within the park.

Nehalem Bay State Park
Oregon Beach Rides, Inc.

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  1. Sandy Jaeger

    Hi there:
    I appreciate getting the monthly newsletters after our trip to Oregon from Alberta last summer. Is there a link that I’m not seeing that shows me where these parks are located? I’m sure it’s there somewhere, but when you’re not familiar with the state, it would be really helpful to be able to figure out where these lovely facilities/hikes are. Can you enlighten me please?
    With interest,

    • Good comment. We include the park web page links at the end of each story, and each web page has a small location map on the right side. But, the small maps are for the general area, not the location of the park within the entire state. On our Search for a Park web page, you can select a region of the state to look for a park. We also have a great, free publication that lists all Oregon State Parks and their locations. It’s really handy when you’re on the road and WiFi access is spotty. We can send you one– call 1-800-551-6949 or e-mail

  2. Clara La Marche

    I wanted to order a copy of the list of all Oregon state parks and their location, but the web address gived, was not good, and the telephone number given is not a good number. Hoe can I get a copy of this publication? Thank you.

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