New pier, fish cleaning station, amphitheater & Big Doug’s kiosk at Prineville Reservoir State Park (2010)

Pictures tell the story

Anglers can safely dangle a line off the new ADA-accessible pier, which extends 50 feet into the lake. A 10-foot-wide walkway leads to a 40-foot-wide platform. The structure has recycled plastic decking with railings on all sides.

A new fish cleaning station is near the pier. A stainless steel cleaning sink with counters occupies the center of the juniper log structure. All of the station is ADA accessible, including an adjacent restroom.

A new observatory kiosk stands across the day-use parking area from the new fishing complex. The kiosk is home to “Big Doug,” a 16-inch telescope available for year-round use. “We thought people should be able to enjoy our exceptionally dark sky all the time, not just during our star party (in May),” said Park Manager Steve Memminger. Park staff built the kiosk, which has cedar siding and a dome with solar lighting.

Spectators attending the park’s evening presentations will enjoy a new amphitheater setting, carved into the hillside with seating built of Tamarack logs. Sixty people can watch presentations on an 8-by-8-foot screen with a juniper-log frame. A new ADA-accessible walkway leads to the amphitheater.

Prineville Reservoir State Park

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  1. Nice looking areas. But why not add a boat wash area near the boat ramp. If you collect money for invasive fish Etc. why not help people clean their boat when they come out of the lake.

    • That’s a good comment. Aquatic invasive species are a big concern statewide. The Prineville Reservoir park manager reports that no invasive species have been found in the lake. The Oregon State Marine Board has information on its website about the new Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Permit Program (AISPP). The Marine Board oversees the program and collects the fees you mentioned in your comment. The program will help prevent aquatic invasive species from gaining a foothold in our waterways. Fees are dedicated toward prevention, detection efforts and inspection of watercraft. More information about the progam is available at

  2. I would love to see a close up picture of your ADA fish cleaning station and any information you have on it would be great, we are looking into adding one at our Marina.


    Clara Landry
    Marina Manager

  3. i said who gives a toss

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