Rocky’s Trails–Banks-Vernonia State Trail (2010)

Looking for some summer hiking tips?

Through summer and fall, Rocky will share tips on walking and hiking state park trails.

The Go Guide has a good resource–OPRD’s State Recreation Trails Coordinator Rocky Houston. His first pick is the Oregon state park system’s first “rails-to-trails” conversion, the Banks-Vernonia (B-V) State Trail.

Hikers can tackle the entire 21-mile B-V Trail, or as Rocky suggests, walk from trailhead to trailhead. The trail has six of them, each separated by about four miles. Visitors to Stub Stewart State Park also can link up to the trail within the park. You could choose six different four-mile hikes from trailhead to trailhead, with vehicles left in trailheads at either end, or hike the trail in six approximate eight-mile roundtrips.

If you want a snapshot of the trail’s scenic mix, Rocky recommends trying the segments leading from the Buxton Trailhead. “From this starting point, you can experience both the trail’s forest settings and farmland views, and you have an accessible trestle you can walk on.”

The Buxton Trailhead, which is two miles north of Manning off Highway 47, also is a good place for a trailside picnic. It even has as short interpretive side “track.”

Banks-Vernonia State Trail
Trail Guide & map
Stub Stewart State Park

The Banks-Vernonia State Trail has been improved and paved section by section over the past 20 years as funding became available. By this fall, the entire 21-mile will be complete with the addition of a new south trailhead, now under construction in Banks, and with the realignment and paving of a three-mile segment in the vicinity of the Tophill Trailhead north of Stub Stewart.

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  1. Lindsay Parks

    great news to hear the Banks Vernonia Trail will soon all be paved. We last tried it maybe 6 or 7 years ago on our road bikes, and quickly realized the gravel like surface was not going to work for us. We’ll go back soon since it’s a beautiful area!

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