Recent makeovers for Oregon State Park restrooms & parking areas (2010)

New parking lot at Bradley State Scenic Viewpoint.

New or newly remodeled restrooms with energy efficient lighting, skylights, plumbing fixtures and ADA accessibility improvements are in place at Battle Mountain Forest State Scenic Corridor wayside,  Hilgard Junction State Recreation Area and Red Bridge State Wayside day-use areas.

ADA-compliant, environmentally friendly restroom replacements now stand in the Catherine Creek State Park day-use area and in Booth State Scenic Corridor wayside.

Collier Memorial State Park improvements include roof repairs and electrical wiring upgrades. Lighting sensors also were installed, and the day-use parking area received new pavement, sidewalks and curbing.

West of the Cascades, sightseers are finding Bradley State Scenic Viewpoint a better place to enjoy Columbia River views.  The park has a repaved and reconfigured parking area and an improved waste water treatment system.

Visitors on the coast are finding upgraded, ADA accessible restrooms at Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint and Ophir State Recreation Site.

A sewer system upgrade, a restroom replacement and parking lot improvements are on hold at Koberg State Recreation Site. Native American tribes once used the site  for fishing the Columbia River.  Oregon State Parks is looking at what effects construction might have on possible archaeological sites.

All the improvements were funded by federal stimulus dollars, supplemented by state lottery funds.

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