See the premier lumberjack sporting event at the Oregon State Fair (2010)

Lumberjacks & jills compete in the ultimate tests of strength, endurance, stamina, tool skill and agility Aug. 27-29

Opening weekend State Fair-goers will see top competitors chop, saw, climb, and run their way in to the record books of the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series presented by Carhartt. STIHL®, Inc. selected the fair venue to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary season.

ESPN2 cameras will catch the quarterfinals, semifinals, U.S. Championship and Collegiate Championship events. The network’s longest running program will feature the action of 32 chopper/sawyers, six collegiate competitors, eight boom runners and eight speed climbers.

Buy a STIHL® product and help a child go camping, or plant a tree 

Right now, with the purchase of any STIHL® product,  STIHL® will donate $5 to Oregon State Parks’ Let’s Go Camping program. Visit your local Oregon STIHL® dealer to participate. STIHL® will also give 250 trees for Oregon State Parks to plant in state parks. The donation helps offset the logs used in the TIMBERSPORTS event.

2010 Oregon State Fair


ESPN Outdoors Timbersports


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