Dinosaurs back from extinction at the Oregon State Fair (2010)

See the past roar to life Aug. 27-Sept. 6

The 2010 Oregon State Fair offers a walk through a park—one you might have taken 65 million years ago. The nature stroll weaves through a prehistoric forest where life-sized, animatronic dinosaurs roam.

Fairgoers entering the Oregon Pavilion (the location of the Days of the Dinosaur exhibit) will see a 3-D movie about dinosaurs and how the modern dinos were created. The dinosaur collection comes in all shapes and sizes. Most are close enough to touch. Kids can climb on some and take “little dino” rides. Skeletal replicas also will be on display.

The little paleontologists in the family can dig in a sand pit for dinosaur fossils. They might also find the coloring book area a good place to take break and have a “dino snack.”

Admission is $3 for children 11 and younger and $5 for people aged 12 and over.

Oregon’s state fair is one of seven stops on the popular European exhibition’s inaugural U.S. tour.

Days of the Dinosaurs – The Exhibition
Oregon State Fair

Dinosaurs roam the Oregon State Fair

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