Sandy River Water Trail guide now online (2010)

Kayaking in the Sandy River gorge. A water trail is a stretch of river mapped as a recreation route for canoeists and kayakers. Photo courtesy of the Sandy River Water Trail website.

Signs are up and the guide is online showing paddlers the way along Oregon’s newest water trail—the lower 38 miles of the Sandy River. Between its mouth at the Columbia River and its upstream confluence with the Salmon River, the water trail flows through scenic basalt canyons and old growth forest.

Signs along the river identify public lands that paddlers can use as put-in and take-out points, all of them within an hour’s drive of the Portland area. The guide includes maps that show these points, along with information about the times and distances separating them. The guide also includes information on the seven public parks along the trail.

If you’re looking for one-day float trips, the guide divides the waterway into six suggested paddles. Since the river rushes as well as meanders along the route, check information on the skill you need (beginner, intermediate and advanced) to safely paddle each segment.

The online version is available at Call the Oregon State Park information line, 1-800-551-6949, for a 12-page, color printed version. The guide was cooperatively produced by the City of Sandy, the Bureau of Land Management and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

Oregon now has eight designated water trails.

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  1. Called the # listed above to get the 12 page guide they said they did not have it or haven’t heard about it??
    Can you let me know where I can get a copy.

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