Happy tent camping news for South Beach campers (2010)

50-60 new tent sites opening Spring 2011

Nestled amidst the dunes south of Newport, South Beach will have two loops of new tent sites to go with its 227 electric hookup sites and 27 yurts by spring 2011. Work is already under way to add the new sites on the north edge of the park.

The new campground loops, which extend north from the E loop, will meet the demand for more tent sites on the central coast. “We’ve had a lot of people camping in tents who rent our electrical sites and have to pay for services they don’t need,” says Park Manager Dennis Comfort. “These new tent sites should fill quickly, and free up more electrical sites for the RV campers who do need them.”

In keeping with the aesthetics of the area, the loops will be asphalt free. The campsites will have woodchip ground coverings and be connected by gravel roadways.

The expansion also includes a new restroom/shower and a picnic shelter.

South Beach State Park
South Beach Campground Map

South Beach State Park

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  1. Will there be any pet-friendly yurts here this year?

  2. Yes, all State Parks need pet friendly Yurts. My sister would love to rent one but they do no allow dogs. This is something the parks need as peoples pets are their familys.

  3. Bill Charleston

    I see pet friendly Yurts marked here now. BZ! But what I do NOT see is accurate earthquake hazard information. The EP Director in Bandon came to the State Park there and presented earthquake studies that showed after the earthquake stopped, on shore, people had approximately TEN MINUTES to get to Tsunami safe locations. TEN MINUTES! The average visitor will probably not do anything after an earthquake. Some will evacuate to higher ground eventually BUT ALMOST NO ONE seems to know that there is only a few minutes before the design basis earthquake caused Tsunami hits shore.

    The ten minutes after the earthquake stops is surely dependent on where on the coast you are located and the height of the Tsunami surely is location dependent too BUT as I stated above, the average visitor does NOT know that only a few minutes exists to get to safety.

    The EPP Dir in Bandon presented historical information that showed there are TWO major earthquake possibilities off the Oregon coast. One possibility is an 8 earthquake and the other is a 9 earthquake. The 8’s are more frequent but the 9’s are of course more severe. The 9/s since the time of Christ according to the EPP Dir occur about every 300 years. The last one was in 1700’s which means that statistically one is due in this window of time. Will it be this year or next year, or even 100 years from now no one knows BUT the information needed to save someone’s life is NOT being disseminated by the Oregon State Park system.

    FACTS: The MAJOR 9 earthquake will last about 5 minutes. About 10 minutes after that the first Tsunami can arrive on the coast. For 24 hours, successive Tsunamis can hit the coast and no one will know whether the first or the last one will be the biggest wave.

    I know that even if you had an adequate warning in each state park and on your web sites, some would go back to sleep after a design basis earthquake, BUT those of us who understand the engineering studies would listen to the warning and react to it.

    **The warning at each and every place should say, for example, The first Tsunami can arrive within 10 minutes after an earthquake greater than 4 minutes stops. You must leave for higher ground when the earthquake stops to be safe. No announcement will be made due to the short lead time. Do NOT return to Tsunami hazard zones until authorities announce it is safe to do so.**

    EPP Dir is the Emergency Plan Director. I am sure he would be very helpful in suggesting an updated warning for tourists and residents too.

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