Win a Beaver Creek guided kayak tour! (2010)

Paddling Beaver CreekBeaver Creek State Natural Area opens Oct. 1, and we’re celebrating by giving away a free guided kayak tour for two!

The contest runs Sept. 15-22. The winner will be chosen at random Friday, Sept. 24. The winner will be notified by e-mail. Watch for the announcement on the Beaver Creek page.

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  1. Oh boy! A kayak trip for two! Hope I win. Love the State Park updates. Whomever is in charge of these is doing a terrific job!!

  2. Oh boy! A kayak trip for two. Hope I win. I am really enjoying the information from the Oregon State Park updates. Whomever is doing them, is doing a terrific job on the write-ups. Thanks!!

  3. The Beaver Creek kayak tour sounds like lots of fun–even better if it is free!!!! Love camping Oregon’s State Parks they are some of the best we have seen!

  4. What a great idea! I like the water trails and think more need to be developed.

  5. Love this & would love to win the guided kayak trip.

  6. Would love to win and give to my sister who loves to kayak!
    Oregon State Parks are the best!

  7. Beaver Creek, another area to explore. We camp often at Oregon State Parks. Thanks

  8. I would love to win this so my daughter and son-in law could go, they have a new kayak. Keep up the good work.

  9. This sounds like an awesome excursion! Would love to go on this tour with my wife.

  10. This sounds really fun. I have been wanting to learn to kayak.

  11. There’s no better way to see natural surroundings than in a kayak or canoe. Doesn’t leave a footprint. We hope to see more natural areas protected and open to kayaking.

  12. I’d love to go kayaking with my daughter.

    Just some feedback about the site–I found it difficult to read about the new park. Maybe some better links are needed?

  13. I would drive to Waldport area for a guided kayak tour! Looks like a very beautiful reserve.
    Hope I win.

  14. Nice to read about the new natural area at Beaver Creek. Have travelled in most of the 50 states and Oregon State Parks easily the best system in the nation. Please, keep up the good work! Don

  15. Protecting the Beaver Creek estuarine wetland is a wonderful accomplishment ….. not just for Oregonians, but for all Americans. Protecting this valuable habitat will benefit a wide array of wildlife species. Oregon’s Park A Year Pogram sets the conservation “gold” standard for all levels of government. THANK YOU to the Parks Commission and Department staff for the hard work it takes to continue preserving our environment for future generations.

  16. We would love to win the guided kayak tour at Beaver Creek. We have visited Beaver Creek and it is wonderful!

  17. Randal Nelson
    Would love to take a guided tour by Kayak, never been in one it would sure be a surprise for my wife.

  18. Looks like another beautiful area to explore in Oregon! Cool!

  19. Congratulations on your grand opening… although any of our Oregon parks are grand in and of themselves. It’s always nice when we add one more protected area to our list.

  20. That would be a wonderful trip for my wife and I with a baby coming in late October. Good Luck everyone. Whoever wins looks like they are in for a treat.

  21. Love to kayak and husband retiring in Jan. Will have the time to take this trip. What a nice retirement present for him. Hope I win. Love these updates from the State Parks. Gives us an idea of places to go and things to do. Keep it up.

  22. Hey, you’re never too old to enjoy a free Beaver Creek Tour 🙂 Hope we win but I know whoever wins will have a great time

  23. Hey, you’re never too old for a new adventure & having fun 🙂 Hope we win but whoever wins I know will have a great time.

  24. Please, Please let me win this one. It looks like a blast.

  25. What fun! I’d love to try this!

  26. Love these updated about our parks. Have lived in Oregon for a very long time and think we know everything about our state parks but learn new stuff everytime I read your emails. Thanks for doing such a good job.

  27. My wife and I would love to win the trip. I had the opportunity to participate in a study on this beautiful creek as a salmon habitat and hiked along it ut never have had the chance to explore it from the water.

  28. Rae Lynn Biggerstaff

    Always enjoy learning about new opportunities to explore our beautiful state.

  29. Good to see kayaking getting attention! Sounds like a great prize!

  30. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity!

  31. Whow, would we love to win the kayak trip. What a great fall outing it would be. Would be well worth the trip traveling from eastern Oregon.

  32. great idea! thank you!

  33. Oooh, this sounds fun! Pick me, pick me!

  34. Woo Hoo… Beaver Creek Rocks! I LOVE Oregon State Parks!

  35. We’ve never been in a kayak but it sounds fun. Would love to enjoy a new experience in Oregon with my family.

  36. Went on my very 1st kayak trip last year in Alaska. Have been aching to go again but can’t really afford it. Love to win the trip here in Oregon. One of the things on my “bucket list”. 🙂

  37. I’ve done the twilight tour. Would love to do it again!

  38. Can’t wait to get to see the new park!

  39. The Beaver Creek area is one of my fav. Places on the Oregon Coast! I’m going to go on a guided kyak tour, weather I win or not!

  40. Planning a trip to South Beach. A free kayak trip will fit right in!

  41. I’ve always wanted to try kayaking and this sounds like the perfect place to get started. Can’t wait for the opening of Beaver Creek.

  42. Looks great!

  43. Looks like another beautiful park.

  44. This would be great!

  45. Since my best friend’s(for over 55 years) name is George Beaver, I find it fitting that we should win a contest such as this and send him pictures of his namesake. I thank you.

  46. So glad the park is finally opening. This tour is a wonderful opportunity.

  47. A kayak tour of the new park- awesome!

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  48. Love Oregon state parks!! Hope to win the kayak tour 🙂

  49. This would be great! we camped all summer with our grandkids and it was great!


  50. Wow, Beaver creek looks beautiful! Can”t wait until it’s open!

  51. Great trip!! We’d love to join the fun either way!!

  52. Better stretch the upper-body muscles–’cause someone is hitting the water!!!

  53. Would love to win a kayak trip for two. My husband and I have only gone kayaking once – on our honeymoon – and we loved it!

  54. Kayaking the new Beaver Creek State Natural Area sounds like I need to add it to my list of things to do. Free would be very nice.

  55. Woo hoo!! Looks like a great park. Viewing nature from a kayak is a great way to go!

  56. What a great idea, paddling through nature. I hope we can participate in the trip even if we don’t win!

  57. We don’t even know where Beaver Creek is but we’re ready to go! Hope to win. We’re big Wallowa and South Beach fans and plan to RV much more in Oregon. Thanks so much.

  58. Here’s to a new state park and an awesome prize I covet.

  59. Great spot to put in and catch some watershed nature. My kids love this stretch too, as there is lots of wildlife to check out virtually every minute and around every bend.

  60. Pick me. I have never been kayaking.

  61. As an inexperienced kayaker, I love the idea of a calm waterway where I can see wildlife up close .

  62. This looks great! I just got hooked on kayaking, and want to keep going again and again!

  63. Would love to win and try a kayak in this beautiful place!!!!

  64. Would be great new thing to do with my husband to celebrate 30 years of wedded bliss.

  65. Love your pictures and great tips!

  66. Another Jewelll in the crown!

  67. Having never been on a kayak trip, I think this could be great! Is is something a woman of a “certain age” could do? If I would win and could not do it, I’d give it to someone who would really enjoy it, but, I’d hope to be able to go myself. 🙂

  68. Would love to do an evening kayak trip on Beaver Marsh. Have taken a kayak trip on the marsh last year and this year. Really had a great time!

  69. Kayak trip would be great!

  70. Oregon parks are the best of all the 45 states I have seen, and how great that we now have another one! Seeing some great new space in Oregon from the water sounds awesome.

  71. Is the new Beaver Creek Natural Area represented in a GIS layer? If so, where can the file be downloaded?

  72. Awesome! A great new state park! Either way I gotta check it out!

  73. I’m looking forward to seeing Oregon’s newest state park. I know it well, since it was my parent’s house before the state acquired it, it’s a beautiful place and I’m glad that it belongs to everyone in Oregon now.

  74. Very excited to check out this park! Thank you.

  75. I can’t wait to explore the newest state park!!! Looks beautiful!

  76. I wanna go kayaking. What a cool contest?! I love Oregon State Parks and I love that Oregon is adding parks.

  77. I have never been in a kayak before. This would be the perfect time for an introduction! Can’t wait to check out the new park!

  78. Still hoping to go on a kayak trip here this summer!!!! Maybe even a free one!

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