Grant’s Getaways–Gold Nuggets (2010)

Sumpter Valley Dredge State Heritage Site
Historic Sumpter
Elkhorn Scenic Byway
Base Camp Baker

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  1. The dredge site was really cool when I we (me, wife, 8yr old and 5yr old) went in August. The park is a great place to picnic but I was disappointed with the lack of services. There wasn’t a drinking fountain or bathroom in the upper park area. Not easy to deal with in our situation, but we survived. The train station was closed the afternoon we arrived, but next time we’ll plan on doing a day trip in the old locomotive. In the lower part of the park, where the trails and dredge are located we found a ‘servicable’ porta-potty, but we arrived at 4pm and the visitor shack was closed, at least they had a hose to get water from for our pooch. The highlight of the afternoon for the kids was the dredge. Old, massive and creeky. My son said he thought it looked like something out of a Scooby-Doo Mystery. Be sure to take some crackers or a pice of bread with you. The dredge pond is FULL is trout in all sizes. We had a great time feeding them. We hiked one of the short interpretive trails and learned the basics of what the area held in terms of social life and GOLD. Overall it was worth the stop off of the highway between John Day and Baker and we all had a great time.

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