Helping Build Communities–Forest Grove’s ‘B’ Street Trail (2010)

Forest Grove B Street Trail sign

A trailhead sign for the B Street Trail.

This fall, spend an afternoon on Forest Grove’s new trail. The ‘B’ Street Trail at 16th Avenue and ‘B’ Street is a critical connection between neighborhoods and an existing trail running along Highway 47. The trail is also an important part of the city’s Community Trails project.

Forest Grove received a $257,837 Local Government Grant in 2007  from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The grant helped pay for a 10-foot by 100-foot footbridge spanning Gales Creek and a hard-surface linear trail that is accessible to wheelchair users, pedestrians, bicyclists and inline skaters.

The trail is surrounded by METRO-owned land designated for open space and trails. The area is home to a variety of birds and is a natural draw for birders.

Forest Grove is one of the fastest growing cities in the Portland metro area. The Community Trails project goal is to make sure everyone can get to the beautiful lands that surround the city.  So far, 7 miles of hard-path surface trails are in place. When the project is completed, the community and visitors will have 13 miles of trails to enjoy.

Forest Grove Parks and Recreation
Forest Grove’s Community Trail Project

Oregon State Parks awards thousands of dollars every year to local communities around the state through our Local Government Grant program. This program, funded with Lottery dollars, helps these communities acquire land, build a park or rehab an existing park. Not to brag, but some really great things are happening across the state as a result of these grants. Stay tuned!

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