State park day-use parking permits on sale (2010)

Gift-wrapping a year’s worth of outdoor fun

Oregon State Parks day-use parking permit saleHow can you give a year’s worth of picture-perfect seascapes, miles of scenic trails, close-up views of 10 waterfalls, a chance to visit a lighthouse and some of the state’s best picnic sites—all in one present?  Try an Oregon State Parks day-use parking permit.

Holiday gift seekers can buy the 12-month permit on sale for $25 in December. The permit usually costs $30. It has added value because it’s a hangtag transferable among vehicles. The two-year permit is transferable, too.

The discounted permit is a great buy for frequent visitors to the 26 state parks that require day-use parking permits.

You can buy the permit via the state park information center (1-800-551-6949), or from vendors statewide.

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  1. Please explain to me how Oregon State Park Day Use Permits and camping fees as well as Golden Age Passports fit together. Thanks.

    • An Oregon State Park day-use parking permit is valid only at a state park (one managed by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, such as Silver Falls and Rooster Rock). Your daily, 12- or 24-month day-use parking pass is valid at 26 state parks. If you’re camping at a state park, you don’t need a day-use parking pass to visit another state park that charges a day-use parking fee. Just display your current state park camping receipt on your dashboard.

      The Golden Age Passport was a federal pass valid at national parks and other federal recreational lands, like Crater Lake National Park and Oregon Caves National Monument. The Golden Age Passport was discontinued and replaced by the America the Beautiful – National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass– Senior Pass. This is a lifetime pass for U.S. citizens or permanent residents age 62 or over. It costs $10. You can find more information about all of the national parks and federal recreational pass options at

      • You defined nicely the difference between these two passes, but you did not answer the question. How do they fir together? Is my Golden Age Passport good at State Parks and visa versa. Is there a State Parks disabled pass.

      • They don’t fit together, if I’m correctly understanding your question. Your Golden Age Passport isn’t valid as a day-use parking permit at Oregon State Parks, and national parks do not accept an Oregon State Parks day-use parking permit in place of a Golden Age Passport. Veterans with service-related disabilities can apply for a pass that allows free camping and free parking at day-use parks, but it is only valid for veterans. For more information, see our web page

  2. what about people from out of state they can get parking permit in oregon ?

  3. Is there a pass for camping in Oregon State Parks?

  4. I am 73 years old. I want to get a 12 of 24 month day pass permit for the coming year(s). Is there a senior discount available for what I want ? I have a small boat for fishing also.

  5. I just bought an oregon wildlife parking permit. Can can I use that for parking in state parks as well?

    • The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife parking permits are valid at : Denman, E.E. Wilson, Ladd Marsh, Sauvie Island , and Summer Lake Wildlife Areas. These areas are run by ODFW. The permit is not valid at Oregon State Park lands.

  6. Does America the Beautiful annual pass valid in Oregon state parks for a day use ?

  7. Why does Oregon Not offer a one time state park day pass for $10,00 like the Federal parks program?

    I have lived in Oregon all my life, paid my taxes and now have to pay to see what used to be free.

    • Thank you for your comment. Twenty-six of Oregon’s day-use parks charge a parking fee ($5 per day; $30 for a 12-month pass; or $50 for 24 months). In December, we offer the 12-month pass at a discounted rate of $25 for all Oregonians.

  8. I read somewhere that you are offering state parks passes to families of children with disabilities. Is this true? How would one apply? My son has a national parks pass, that we got by showing his IEP to a ranger at crater Lake. Would we do something similar at one of the Oregon state parks?

  9. Here in New Mexico there is a state park pass that can be purchased. It includes discounts at the campgrounds. Does the OR state parks offer the same thing? We will be spending several months in OR in our RV so the camping discount is important to us

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