Dogs & cats get ready to nap in more state park yurts and cabins (2011)

Furry friends rejoice

Thirteen cabins and 20 yurts in 21 Oregon State Parks will be pet friendly beginning Jan. 1, 2012. This photo was taken at LaPine, one of the parks in the pilot.

We’re expanding pets in yurts and cabins statewide in 2012! You and your pet can choose from 13 cabins and 20 yurts in 21 Oregon state parks. Reservations open
April 1, 2011 (no April Fools’ joke) for stays beginning Jan. 1, 2012.

Can’t wait? Reservations remain open for a pet friendly yurt at South Beach, a cabin at Stub Stewart and two cabins at LaPine. These three parks were part of a trial launched May 2009.

“The experiment confirmed that customers wanted pet friendly yurts and cabins,” says Richard Walkoski, Recreation Programs manager. “We’re responding to the demand while remaining conscious of the preferences and needs of all campers.” Pets are allowed only in those yurts and cabins designated as pet friendly.

Visit our pet friendly page for a list of campgrounds and yurt and cabin reservation information.

Tell us if this is tail wagging news! Rate it a thumbs (paws) up or down, or send a comment.

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  1. Mary and Zora (the wonder dog)

    Excellent news! Thank you very much from the human companions.

  2. This is great news! And long overdue!

  3. Fabulous! We’ve wanted to venture out to more year-round camping around Oregon using the yurt system, but always felt guilty leaving our dog behind. This means we’ll be doing a LOT more yurt-camping in 2012!!

  4. We loveto stay in yurts with our dog! @o happy that there will be more choices.

  5. I love it – there needs to be more around – many people have pets and taking then along just makes the experience that much better.

  6. I asked one of the hosts at South Beach about the program last summer and they said in their experiences the yurts that had a dog staying in them were generally left cleaner by the campers. They said they had little to no issues with it. So I’m glad this is being expanded as I too have had to curtail my use of yurts because I feel guilty about leaving the pooch home………….. not anymore!

  7. I understand that one yurt at most campgrounds will be set aside for campers with pets . As a person that is allergic to dog and cat dander (asthma) this is yet a sad thing to hear. We already have a problem with assuring a hotel room or cabin is animal hair free even when it is stated that the room is “pet free or allergy free”. I travel with my inhalers but it takes only one person thinking that they too can bring their pet into a “NON -pet” space to send someone into an asthma attack. Hopefully this will be monitored in some way?

    • Thank you for your comment. We understand that allergies can cause serious medical problems. We believe that offering selected pet friendly yurts and cabins will lessen the chance of a pet staying in a non-pet yurt and cabin. Visitors with pets now have designated places to stay. Park staff will continue to enforce our pet rules and make sure pets are not inside other park buildings.

  8. That is howling good news!

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