Kam Wah Chung opens new interpretive center (2011)

Kam Wah Chung is home to a museum and now an interpretive center.  Filled with displays and artifacts, the newly remodeled space features 8-foot-high display panels lining the walls.  The displays illustrate historical accounts that explain what prompted large numbers of Chinese to immigrate to the United States in the late 19th century.

Other displays recount the immigrants’ experiences and tell about the founding of Kam Wah Chung and Co. by Doc Hay and Lung On. Be sure to stop at the theater. Now showing is an Oregon Public Broadcasting documentary detailing the contributions of Doc Hay and Lung On to the John Day area.

The center also displays relics from a fascinating collection of 60,000-plus items. Museum Curator Christina Sweet says  the items will be shown in rotating exhibits.

Don’t forget about the museum! New this year is audio featuring the voice of “Doc Hay.” Doc Hay “guides” the tours every hour, but you need a ticket. Pick one up at the center.

Both the center and museum are open daily from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. until Oct. 31.

Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site

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  1. When you provide these informational bulletins about sites and parks around the state, it would be most helpful if you also gave the address (nearest town, region of Oregon, etc.) for those of us not familiar with the location of all the parks but planning a visit, perhaps based on the information in the bulletin!

    • Thank you for your comment. We usually add the park links to all our stories, but we missed doing so in the Kam Wah Chung story (it’s there now, though!). Each park page includes a location map of the general area. It also provides a link for park directions based on your home address or zip code. We will also look at the best way to indicate in the story where a park is located.

  2. I’m really enjoying the new format and the excellent stories about state parks (OPRD). The years I spent working as the volunteer coordinator were the best years of my careers.

    It’s a joy to see the JR logo and to know that kids throughout the state are still participating in the exciting and fun program.

    Thanks to all ‘Parkies’ for keeping the programs going.
    Linda Lopez

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