Fort Stevens cabins: it’s curtains? (2011)

July 1, the doors of the new Fort Stevens cabins swing open. We’re sure campers will ooh & aah over the deluxe features–refrigerator, microwave, shower and restroom.  But one detail can’t be overlooked, and that’s the curtains. What makes them special? They’re handmade. Er, make that parkmade!

A snag with the curtain delivery dates meant that the cabin windows might go bare. Enter Ranger Assistant Amanda Duncan and a team of volunteers.

Amanda headed to a local quilt shop and selected the fabric. Of course, the shop didn’t have the 240 yards of material needed, but she said the owners graciously drove to their Portland warehouse to get the fabric. Then, the park office training room turned into a temporary sewing shop. Amanda and 11 volunteer park hosts began a curtain stitching marathon. Using seven sewing machines that the hosts had in their RVs and Amanda’s two machines, the team cut, sewed and pressed 118 panels in three days.

Sewing the deluxe cabin curtains for Fort Stevens State Park

Fort Stevens (park description and directions)

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  1. Way to go ladies!

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