Catfish carcasses no match for Muffin Monster® (2011)

Extreme grinder debuts at new Farewell Bend fish cleaning station

The Muffin Monster® isn’t your average kitchen garbage disposal. “It will actually grind lawn furniture–we’ve seen the demonstration,” says Ben Cox, Farewell Bend park ranger supervisor.

Why does a state park need a fish grinder with this power? Because Brownlee Reservoir catfish have thick, tough skin and large bones. That created a nightmare maintenance problem for the old grinder. It worked on the same principle as a garbage disposal: spinning blades that would bind, bend and break. The Muffin Monster® has teeth that mesh, a better design for heavy-duty grinding and a low-maintenance but effective way to take care of fish remains.

Park staff  and anglers are thrilled with how the Muffin Monster® performs, and everyone keeps their hands clear!

Farwell Bend State Recreation Area (park information, map & directions)

Catfish grinder at new Farewell Bend fish cleaning station

This angler was one of the first to fillet his fish and dispose of the carcass in the new grinder.

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  1. Does the fish grinder station have electricity for fillet knives? Do I need an extension cord?

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