The Cove Palisades to open Deschutes Campground early (2012)

Lake Billy Chinook at The Cove Palisades State Park.

Deschutes Campground, home to about  2/3 of the available camping spots at the park, opens May 1 this year, several weeks earlier than usual. Crooked River, the second campground at the park, will open after renovations there are finished.

“We’re opening up for camping in waves this year,” says Park Manager Dave Slaght. “Deschutes is opening early, partly to offset the construction work finishing up at the Crooked River campground. We want everyone to get a chance to come to The Cove.”

Slaght noted that the Cove Palisades Resort and Marina, operated by a concessionaire, is offering special discounts on houseboat rentals until mid-June for campers who may not want to wait until the renovated campground reopens. Those special deals can be found at, or  by calling 877-546-7171.

The Crooked River campground is in the midst of major renovations funded by Oregon Lottery dollars dedicated to parks by voters, including new water and sewer systems, upgraded electrical sites, new restrooms, amphitheater and other improvements. That 91-site campground will open partially mid-June.

The Cove Palisades State Park

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