Grant’s Getaways–White River (2012)

White River Falls  State Park

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  1. Please put a state map on the email page showing the general location of the park highlighted, east , north etc. A small map with a red dot would do lots more to spark interest than just the words. For example, why do I need ot get out my Oregon map to find out where the White river country park is located?
    Is your goal to just print e-mails or to excite people about Oregon parks?
    What should be on that first e-mail page to create excitement?
    My suggestions : (1) A small map showing location in the state
    (2) camp facilites ( tent sites, rv sites, etc. ) ex. 30 tent, 15 RV full hookup, no reservations
    (3) Generally full weekends Yes / No
    (4) Showers available. Yes / No Very important to most girls and families.
    Put all this on the right hand side of the first e-mail page for the park.

    Start thinking like Proctor & Gamble and not like state workers. You are salesmen and saleswomen here. You only have one chance to catch the consumers eye. Each sale via e-mail brings you $20. Start thinking that way.

  2. I agree with Anonymous – a map at the very least would be helpful, showing where the park is in relation to Oregon as a whole.

  3. I agree on the above statement, after watching this I searched for the parks in question, it would be so helpful if this was to happen

  4. I agree with the other comment. I have very little extra time, and easy to view information, with a quick overcap or preview often helps me determine if I want to investigate further or if I have lost interest due to poor marketing. However I think people need to keep in mind state workers generally have no marketing training and are paid considerably less for twice the amount of work, and half the training.

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