Your park visit helps local businesses (2012)

A BBQ isn’t complete without ketchup, mayo, mustard & chips, most likely bought at your local grocer.

If you’re planning a Memorial Day Weekend camping trip, you’re probably buying last-minute groceries, filling the gas tank and wondering where the closest store is to your destination so you can grab those forgotten items.

You’re looking forward to a family vacation, but stores and employees look forward to your business.

In Oregon, businesses love people who love parks. Why? Visitors to Oregon’s National Park sites spent over $53 million and supported 831 jobs in 2010. Based on a 2011 survey of visitors to state parks on the Oregon coast, we know that:

  • Each overnight group spent an average of $292 per trip (on camping, gasoline & food).
  • Each group visiting for the day spent an average of $120 (on gasoline & food).

We’ve finished surveying the coastal state parks and are doing the final math now. We will share the results later this year.

If you’re visiting a Columbia River Gorge state park this summer, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to complete a survey. Camp hosts will contact day-use and overnight visitors July 4-Aug. 20, 2012. Thanks for helping by answering a few short questions!

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