Flip through our newest State Parks Guide (2012)

Now available online as a digital magazine

2012-2013 Oregon State Parks GuideYou can turn the pages of the latest directory to all Oregon’s state parks via your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

And, you can share the guide with friends.  The online guide has a social media feature that allows you to post it to Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The online guide also includes videos and links to Oregon State Park web pages.

Each park listing has a short description of the park amenities, campground information and a list of special park features.  The guide is organized by region and includes maps to show park locations.

The online guide is available at http://www.oregonstateparks.org/parksguide/

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  1. The link doesn’t work for me.

  2. Is there an app for the iPad to access this without having to go through the link in the email?

    • Thanks for your question. You can add an icon of the Parks Guide to your home page. When you open the Guide from the link, look for the toolbar at the top of the page. Find the icon that has the arrow on it (should be the fifth icon from the left). Click it and look for the text that says “Add to Home.” You can change the the label name and the icon from this window. The new icon will appear on your home page.

      It isn’t a native app, but a close substitute.

  3. I have filled out my e mail address two times and get nothing in my e mail am I not doing this right

  4. I only get a blue screen.

  5. I’m using the Google Browser on an Android smartphone. I can display the guide, but it is much too small to read. Is there any chance of getting a PDF version of this?

  6. Sumpter Chatter

    love it guys! we will be sharing it on the website: http://www.friendsofthedredge.com/

  7. I like it overall – it’s well organized and mostly easy to use. My one mine suggestion would be the inclusion of small popup descriptions when the mouse pointer is hovering over icons such as the tent for camping – because I had to keep flipping back to the beginning to figure out what an icon stood for if I couldn’t remember.

  8. Oregon Beach Loving Family

    I am looking for more information about Del Rey State Park. We want to spend the day there before heading to our campsite. We are wondering where we can find a park map?

  9. Looks like a great guide; can’t find this in PDF, is there a legal blocking issue preventing its availability in that format? These online readers are inconvenient for most with stable Internet connections, but are essentially useless when dependent on connectivity which is sparse or non-existent in many of the park locations. The downloader does not fetch a PDF.

  10. can you send me a pdf of this guide?

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