Last chance to see the derelict dock at Agate Beach (2012)

The last chapter of the Japanese derelict dock begins July 31 when a crew from Ballard Diving and Salvage of Vancouver, Wash., starts demolition.  The project will take three to seven days, depending on the tide and safety needs. The beach will stay open to the public, except for a closed safety zone around the dock.

The salvage experts will remove the dock, recycle or dispose of the material, and restore the beach work site. To protect the area, the crew plans to cut the dock into several large pieces, place them on a heavy-haul truck at the main Agate Beach access road, and transport them to a Portland-area facility for final demolition and recycling. The work site will have 24-hour security, and portions of the beach may temporarily close as sections of the dock are moved to the road (less than a half mile south of the dock). Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists will inspect the bottom of the dock onsite for possible invasive species.

Dock timeline and history

Tsunami debris information

Learn how you can help remove debris from the beach and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Agate Beach State Recreation Site (directions, map and park information)

The 66-foot-long, 19-foot-wide, 7-foot-tall dock that washed ashore June 5, 2012. Estimated to weigh 130-165 tons, the dock originated from the Japanese port city of Misawa in the Aomori Prefecture, and was carried out to sea during the March 2011 tsunami.

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  1. Sumpter Chatter

    what a trip!

  2. It is really an impressive sight. We went down to view it the first week it was here and it was so big-hard to believe it travelled across the ocean to our shores. Only proves that we are all interconnected humans. Linda Lopez

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