Holiday open houses set at three south coast historic sites (2012)

Head to Cape Blanco Dec. 15-16, 22-23 & 26

Hughes House and Cape Blanco Light Station
Open 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

Hughes House at Cape Blanco State ParkAll the rooms in the historic Hughes House at Cape Blanco State Park are decorated with a Saint Nicholas theme thanks to the Cape Blanco Heritage Society. The house, built in 1898, was the home of prosperous dairyman Patrick Hughes and his family.  The Victorian farmhouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

One of Hughes’ seven children, James, was a keeper at the Cape Blanco Light Station for 37 years. The 1870s light station also will be open for self-guided viewing, barring stormy weather.

Cape Blanco State Park (park info, driving directions & map)

Port Orford Lifeboat Station Museum
Port Orford Heads State Park (9 miles south of Cape Blanco)
Open 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

The Port Orford Coast Guard (Lifeboat) Station was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. The museum is in the former “surfmen” barracks and office. The officer-in-charge residence, garage, storage building and pump house also remain standing. The station was commissioned in 1934 and decommissioned in 1970.

Port Orfords Head State Park (park info, driving directions & map)
Cape Blanco Heritage Society

Port Orford Lifeboat

The restored lifeboat at Port Orford Heads State Park.

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  1. On your guide, please remove part of your top banner and replace it with a location of the park on a state map. Reading about a park without a map locating it in the state is almost useless. Please think like a marketer. You want me to come to the park. What is the best way to get me to spend my weekend there. (1) Location in the state and distance from Portland, Eugene, Bend etc. (2) Camping facilities there; 40 tent sites, 24 RV hookups, etc.
    (3) Maybe a phone number of the park office if I have questions. (4) Park hours. (5) a link to motels, hotels nearby. Not everybody is a camper.

    If you want me to come, then you better help me out with information and planning. Now all you are presenting is “data”. Information is data that helps a user make a decision. Look at this yourself and decide what information about a weekend trip have you provided ?

    All this on one page on the first screen in the top right corner of every Park Go Guide. A page like that will get me excited when I see the email header in my in box. Move the “Subscribe” info down below it.

    Please think like a marketer, not like a government worker. You want the Oregon state parks to be overflowing; I want the same result. Right now the page is not that useful. Provide the five items above, and subscriptions and visitors will follow.

    • Anonymous – get over your righteous self! In this day and age, there isn’t a single soul out there that can’t have that info at their fingertips in SECONDS via personal effort on the internet! There is more than enough information in these guides for people to decide if they want to find out more about the location.

  2. There is something to what the first poster says. Why have to go somewhere else to find out the information.. A short paragraph showing distance from the nearest larger city is not out of order, nor is contact information. After all, this is not print media where you have to pay for more information. I have long thought these were much shorter and less useful than they could be. How much work is it to paste information off the web site if necessary?

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