Where are the most popular tidepooling spots? (2013)

New tidepooling map shows you

Can you name three animals that you might see in an Oregon tidepool? How about a gumboot chiton, a ribbed limpet or an acorn barnacle? The new Oregon Tidepools website includes photos of these and other species, as well as tidepool trip tips and directions to popular spots. The site has everything needed to plan your trip—just in time for spring’s extreme tides April 25- May 1!

Already on the coast and have your smart phone? The website is mobile-enabled, which means it’s repackaged for mobile devices for quick and easy viewing. Take a look at tide information, find tidepools, and read safety and etiquette tips. Ever wondered how seaweeds keep upright or how barnacles eat? The species guide has facts about some of Oregon’s most popular and common rocky intertidal plants and animals. Explore the rocky shore via photos and videos including a “virtual tour” with an Oregon State Park rocky shore naturalist.

Be sure to take plenty of photos of your trip and share your favorite tidepool photos on our Flickr page. Your photo could be featured on the Oregon Tidepools website.

We need your help—win a day-use parking pass

After you look at Oregon Tidepools, tell us what you think. Please take our brief survey. As a thank you for helping us improve our site, one lucky (randomly selected) survey participant between now and May 15 will win an Oregon State Parks 12-month day-use parking pass.

Oregon tidepooling locations photos

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  2. I did not find listings of tidepool locations.

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