Dish “The Dyrt” on your campsite (2013)


Ever found a campsite that was perfect (or at least flat)? Ever wished there was a way to share that info with fellow campers? If so, you might want to dig into The Dyrt. The Dyrt is a new start-up company based in Portland. They’ve created a website where people can post photos and reviews of campgrounds and campsites across the U.S. The content is “user-generated,” meaning it comes directly from other people who’ve stayed in the same park.

You can see a sample profile submitted by Kevin L. of a campsite at Milo McIver State Park here. While Oregon State Parks is not affiliated with The Dyrt, we wanted to share the site as a resource for our visitors.

The Dyrt’s founder, Sarah Smith, says she started the website because she “wasn’t able to see the ground-level view of a campsite and couldn’t tell what it was really like. I wanted to make the entire experience pain-free, enjoyable, and effective.” The experience of searching for a campsite will become even more pain-free once The Dyrt’s mobile app launches next year.

Right now, The Dyrt is giving away $1,000 worth of REI gift cards to meet their initial goal of at least one campsite listed in all 50 states. As a bonus, each time you document a campsite, your name is entered into a drawing for a $100 REI gift card giveaway happening at the end of the summer. The more campsites you document, the more chances you have to win. Go to to learn more. And if you’re the first person to add a campsite in a new state, you automatically win a $20 REI gift certificate.

So the next time you’re setting up your tent somewhere, just tell everyone you’re doing research.

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  1. William Dombrowsky

    sounds like a really neat idea. Does it pertain to RV’s as well. We have found some not so good RV spaces ( uneven, extremely tight) in state parks and independent camp sites. Sharon D. Oregon

  2. Good question. We checked with the folks at The Dyrt, and they said they’re just focused on cataloging tent sites for now. Hopefully, they’ll be able to expand the site to include all kinds of campsites in the future.

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