Grant’s Getaways — The Oregon Trail (2013)

Farewell Bend State Recreation Area

If you’re in the Baker City area, consider a 28-mile scenic drive to Sumpter Valley Dredge State Heritage Area.

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  1. Sumpter Municpal Museum Association

    Reblogged this on Sumpter Museum and Public Library and commented:
    Looking for a little history in Eastern Oregon? Stay in historic Sumpter Oregon, then take a day trip to Farewell Bend State Recreation Area, visit historic Baker City, and the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center..and don’t forget the Baker Heritage Museum. Top it all off with a breathtaking 30 mile ride on the Elkhorn Scenic Byway!

  2. Very interesting area. Spent time learning about the many things to see in those parts. Enjoyed the tour and have many good memories of our experiences. Recommend to others all there is to see & do in the North East part of Oregon. Did an excellent lunch @ the restored hotel, what a great place to visit.

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