Wealth of Oregon — a nostalgic look at our state 64 years ago

Out of the blue, we received a stash of mid-20th-century Oregon travel brochures and maps in the mail from our counterparts in Pennsylvania. Dating from between 1953 and 1955, the publications offer a nifty snapshot of Oregon tourism marketing 60 years ago. One of the items included a 1949 map of Oregon populated with quirky caricatures and corny clichés to illustrate each region’s most iconic features and scenery. What you won’t see on any of the maps is the interstate freeway system, which was still in the planning stages when these maps were published. It’s anybody’s guess how these items ended up in Pennsylvania, but we’re grateful they’ve made it home again more than half a century later.

Click to see a larger, pdf of the map. You can zoom in to see more detail, such as a coyote serenading sheep in southeastern Oregon. Can you guess what geographic feature is represented by a large bone and dog? Hint: it’s now a national monument.

Map artist Hugh Hayes died just this summer at age 98. Read about Hayes’ work and life in a KVAL.com tribute story, “Oregon loses an original with passing of artist Hugh Hayes.”  StatesmanJournal.com also has an interactive version of Hayes’ iconic Keep Oregon Green map.

Wealth of Oregon map

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  1. We have an interactive version of another of Hayes’ maps: “Keep Oregon Green”

  2. Please do!

    Here are two more pieces on Hayes:
    Following his death: http://stjr.nl/15nVcIw
    Celebrating his 98th birthday last year: http://stjr.nl/15nVj75

  3. very interesting, thanks for sharing…..great interactive map from the Statesman Journal….interesting that Sumpter was shown with a cow….wonder why? 🙂

  4. I feel quite confident in saying that there is a lot more farming and ranching land around Sumpter than 1600 acres Mark…….

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