Spectacular Sagebrush & the Great Grouse (2013)

The Cove Rattler

If you’ve ever been to Central Oregon, you know that the landscape is dominated mostly by dry shrubs. More rightfully a “sagebrush steppe” than a “high desert,” the Cove has plenty of sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata). It’s a plant that gets overlooked easily because it isn’t flashy, but it’s one that thrives in conditions where many other cannot, making it a pretty amazing species.

Sagebrush is in the genus Artemisia, after the Greek goddess Artemis, which is actually in the sunflower family! Sagebrush is very different from sage, which is in the genus Salvia and includes the kinds of sages you’d use as edible spices. Sagebrush is not palatable except to pronghorn antelope and some other native critters, although it was used medicinally by First Nation tribes.

Since sagebrush lives in arid climates, it has several adaptations to help it conserve water. One is the small size of…

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