The numbers are in for #ORfirstdayhikes (2014)

And they’re great!

Sleeping late, watching football bowl games and finishing the last remnants of holiday food are traditional — although lazy — New Year’s Day activities. But 943 intrepid hikers laced up their boots for 30 First Day Hikes in Oregon state parks, and what’s more, they walked 2,155 miles. That’s equal to walking from Astoria, Ore. to San Antonio, Tex., give or take a few miles.

To see all our First Day Hike photos, visit our Flickr page. First Day Hikes is an annual event so we’ll see you Jan. 1, 2015.

First Day Hike at Jessie M. Honeyman State Park

Hikers trekked up a sand dune at the Jessie M. Honeyman Zombie Apocalypse Hike. Good thing zombies weren’t chasing them!

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  1. Luckiamute State Natural Area had 52 hikers, which means 18% of the total hikers in Oregon!

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