Grant’s Getaways — Rolling through Oregon history (2014)

Banks-Vernonia State Trail (trail information, map & directions to park)

L.L. Stub Stewart State Park (park information, map & directions to park)

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  1. Larry in Hillsboro

    Nice informative video, esp. about current Stub Stewart thinning project and Vernonia history. I wish the cyclist in the video wouldn’t have referred to the trail as “pretty flat” and “don’t have to do any hill work”. Maybe compared to the West Hills, but for the cross-section of users (incl. families), it’s not particularly flat. It is steady and not too steep, however (except for at-grade Tophill Trailhead segment).

    The trail does pass through Stub Stewart State park, but it’s such a hilly area that the campgrounds are actually a steep climb above the trail (and the terrain of the park itself isn’t well-suited to younger children on bikes but OK for those with some mountain biking experience). The mountain biking community has done an amazing job of making the park fun for intermediate-to-advanced mountain bikers, and there is a very challenging disc golf course as well.

  2. Reblogged this on DaveHeatherDizzy and commented:
    Stub Stewart State Park and the Banks Vernonia Trail were feature on Grant’s Getaways and Travel Oregon. We’ll be there again for our 6th or 7th season this summer. We absolutely love this park!! Come see us there! We’ll show you around!

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