Keep your focus on the ocean (2014)

Oswald West State Park - Short Sands BeachAre you going to the Oregon coast for Spring Break? Logs, powerful waves and unaware beach goers combined can end up as a dangerous situation.

Take a look at the following tips to keep you and your family safe on the beach.

  • Keep one eye on the ocean so your aren’t surprised by bigger waves surging high on the beach. Sneaker waves are unpredictable and very powerful.
  • Stay away from logs on the wet sand or in the surf. These logs can weigh several tons, but only a few inches of water can move them. The ocean is strong enough to pick up even the biggest log and roll it over you.
  • Know when the tide is coming in. Nothing ruins a day of tide pooling quicker than being stranded by the incoming tide. Get a tide table from a state park ranger or many businesses along the coast.
  • Be careful on cliffs and rocks. The power of the ocean can erode cliff sides, making them unstable. Stay on marked trails and don’t climb over fences, which are there for your safety. Don’t dig into cliffs or hillsides.

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  1. Mark in Sumpter

    remember one year when I lived on the coast…..when there was a bad storm and a tanker ship dumped it’s entire load of logs – the beaches were closed for many days.

  2. When my children were middle school age we went into a shoreline cave to collect rocks. Did not see the tide come In but made our way out of the cave over treacherous moving rocks only to be faced with the only way off the beach – up a cliff. The kids scampered right up but I was petrified. They helped me up but I was shaking. Never been so scared in my life. Also one year my youngest son lost a classmate from his encounter with a large log. The next year another one met the same fate. The beaches are beautiful but more for watching than walking.

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