Fire Danger Will Be Extreme This Summer (2014)

Thanks to The Cove Palisades State Park for the timely fire safety tips and ideas.

The Cove Rattler


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The west is prime for a busy and deadly fire season this year; and Oregon is no exception.  The snow pack from this winter is well below average in many areas and several counties within Central Oregon District have declared drought emergencies. Precipitation over the last 90 days has been near or below average, and warm, dry weather is expected to continue. As a result we are quickly approaching high fire danger levels when a fire that starts can get big very quickly.

The Oregon Department of Forestry has set Monday, June 9, 2014 as the beginning of wildfire season for Central Oregon, 5 days earlier than last year which turned out to be the worst season on state protected land in 60 years.  The number of fires and acres burned isn’t necessarily the best gauge of how bad a fire…

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  1. In advance… this note of appreciation is extended to all you men and women who are ready to go to work fighting wildfires when they occur. I admire the dedication, knowledge, commitment, courage, and HARD work you provide to assist in saving our beautiful natural areas. I hope you will have a far less hazardous season this year… please stay safe ❤

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