Tumalo campground closed during restroom renovations (2014)

Day-use area open

Tumalo State ParkTumalo State Park campground is closed for the season to replace restrooms and showers buildings.

The campground is scheduled to reopen July 1, 2015, and reservations for space after that date will be available through the normal reservation process, nine months in advance. If the project finishes ahead of schedule, campers will be able to reserve dates prior to July 1 by calling Reservations Northwest beginning April 15 at 1-800-452-5687.

The project costs approximately $800,000 and will be funded by Oregon Lottery dollars dedicated to state parks. Project coordinators are also in the process of applying for a grant.


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  1. Oops on the date.

  2. Just an idea, folks, from us Canadians who love to visit your parks. If you could add a very general area comment in posts like this (eg Coast/Eastern/Portland), it would help us in planning our next visit to your great state park system! Yes, I know we can go to the Parks Locator, but a heading addition would be quick & easy. Thanks! Tim

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