Ice Ice Baby (2014)

Columbia River GORGEOUS

For those of you who have wisely chosen to stay away this past week while the Gorge pounded out its first windy ice storm of the season, I thought we’d share a whip of the tempest.

Ice in the Parking Log The sun’s reflection on the ice that coats Rooster Rock’s parking lot.

FullSizeRender The effect of that ice.  An accident on I-84 that sent rangers scurrying home.

??????????????????????????????? Weather changes quickly in the Gorge. On November 7, our big leaf maples looked like this.

Snow and Maple Leaf By the following week, the trees sat naked, leaves lodged in snow.

Ice on Cliff Icicles form at water seeps along the Columbia River Highway.

Shepperd's Dell and Bridge Trails and bridges are coated with ice . . . and will be slow to thaw in the shadows of the Gorge walls.  This is a look at Shepperd’s Dell.

Shepperd's Dell Shepperd’s Dell hourglass waterfall.

IMG_1298 The trail at Latourell is closed due to ice, but you can still admire the contrast of the…

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  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us. I felt sorry for the truck passengers, but winter or summer, it sure is beautiful in that area.

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