Waterfalls and Wildflowers! (2015)

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Discover Silver Falls

Oaks Toothwort 2Salmonberry 2Oaks Toothwort 5North Falls March 2015South Falls March 2015

Waterfalls and Wildflowers – a few of our visitors’ favorite things!

Spring has come early here at Silver Falls as we set new records for visitors in February due to all the abundant sunshine.  March seems to have picked up right where February left off with our wildflowers starting to bloom.  The dark pink flower above is the salmonberry (http://www.pnwflowers.com/flower/rubus-spectabilis) and the lighter purple flower is the oaks toothwort (http://www.pnwflowers.com/flower/cardamine-nuttallii-var-nuttallii).

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