Adventure sports offered in three Oregon State Parks — for now (2015)

Bungee jumping at Peter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint

Thrill seekers drop 250 feet from the High Bridge at Peter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint into the Crooked River Gorge.

When you think of activities in Oregon State Parks, you probably come up with camping, hiking and fishing and maybe mountain biking, disc golfing and even rock climbing.  Now, we’re offering a few new adventures.

During a trial period that runs through next summer, you can try bungee jumping, parasailing and jet boat touring operated by private companies.

“Camping, picnicking, and trails will always be the bedrock of Oregon’s state parks, but sometimes you need to try new ideas where they make sense,” said Chris Havel, department spokesperson. “We want to know if you enjoy the opportunities, or if you feel like it’s too much of a change.”

Havel says the pilots will last a year or slightly longer, and park managers will look at how well the operation fits the park, watch for impacts on the park, and how it affects other visitors. The activities can be terminated early if necessary.

What do you think? We’re accepting comments about adventure sports in Oregon State Parks via e-mail. Send your thoughts to  Be sure to clearly describe what you’re commenting on.

Removing trash from the Crooked River Gorge

In addition to giving Oregon State Parks a portion of revenue, Central Oregon Bungee Adventures volunteered to remove trash from the bottom of the Crooked River Gorge; a dilapidated couch in this case.

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  1. i went bungee jumping at central oregon and it was a thrill!

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