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Preparing for bee stings — and earthquakes and tsunamis (2015)

Why didn’t we bring the first-aid kit? The hike was only a 4-mile round trip on a well-maintained trail. What could go wrong? Well, a yellow jacket nest encounter would be exciting.

That happened, but the result was only two stings among the three of us and no adverse reactions. Although we knew to prepare, we didn’t put it into practice.

Practice preparedness – earthquakes and tsunamis

Beverly-BeachThe New Yorker magazine ran an article this past July that brought a lot of attention to The Really Big One – a Cascadia subduction zone earthquake followed by a tsunami. That story made it real to many, and several campers and visitors asked us for our coastal campground tsunami routes. They took steps to prepare.

The good news is that every state park coastal campground within a predicted tsunami zone has an evacuation route posted with signs in the park. Each coastal brochure also includes a campground map that shows the designated tsunami evacuation route.

Make it a practice to look for the evacuation route signs after you’ve arrived at the park. You can also find the coastal campground brochures at Take the time to look at the map before you head out. The maps are also available at the park.

What else can you do?

Search for resources to help you prepare. The Oregon Tsunami Clearinghouse has an evacuation zone map viewer, as well as links for specific information for coast visitors, residents, boaters, and kids and teachers. The clearinghouse motto sums it up: We cannot prevent a tsunami but we can prepare for one.

The Great Oregon ShakeOut website has tips for preparing for the earthquake that precedes the tsunami. The “Get Prepared” section includes tips for hazard hunts, disaster-preparedness plans, emergency supply kits and more. Take a look at the Earthquake Preparedness page on the American Red Cross website.

Practice Drop, Cover, and Hold On during the Great Oregon ShakeOut, Oct. 15 at 10:15 a.m. Learn more about the drill and register at the Great Oregon ShakeOut.